About Us And Our Mission

Cash Balance Advisors is a national company with many locations to assist business owners in building a custom cash balance plan for retirement. We are affiliated with an independent group of highly advanced planning professionals. With the use of a cash balance plan, our group of advisors collaboratively develop forward-thinking strategies and work closely with CPAs to help business owners like you with additional top-line-deductions for a secure lifestyle that will last well beyond your lifetime.

Our tax planning team all work in the financial industry, but each professional is equipped to do a different job. You shouldn’t expect an accountant to help you with financial planning, or ask an insurance agent professional for legal advice. Cash Balance Advisors has assembled a team with the top professionals in these fields, so we always have the best people working in concert to complete your tax plan. There is never a charge for the tax assessment.

Our professional support team is the most important part of our operation. This is the team that designs and manages our custom tax plans. They are experts in plan design and administration, and they provide our clients with one of the best tax planning experiences on the market. Between them, they have centuries of cumulative experience in the financial industry.

Our strategies are unlike those offered elsewhere in the financial industry for a few key reasons.
Our team includes experts from across the board to offer the most comprehensive and holistic approach to cutting taxes. When your tax team includes only a CPA or a single financial planner, you miss out on many potential deductions. No matter how remarkable one tax prep professional is, they can’t compare to a full team of expert strategists. Each person on our team brings a unique perspective from a different part of the financial or legal industries, and we combine our strengths to find every possible deduction for our clients.

Our professional team includes, among others:

Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA)
Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS)
Employee Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA)
Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)
Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU)
• Tax/ERISA attorneys
• Actuaries
Third-Party Administrators (TPA)

Your accountant is absolutely an integral part of your tax team, and we want to work with existing accountants to reduce our clients’ taxes. We don’t prepare tax returns, so there is no conflict of interest. Accountants provide mainly tax prep expertise; we want to provide tax strategy for much bigger deductions.
We thoroughly understand the IRS rules governing every strategy and plan that we handle. Many other financial firms lack this knowledge, but we work with these plans every day and know them inside and out. We even have our own unique defined benefit plan, approved by the IRS, that we use to help business owners write off up to $1 million per year.

Bios available upon request with your financial profile summary.